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The Bath Bear Bath Thermometer Program

The Cape Breton Firefighters Burn Care Society and the Kiwanis Club of Cape Breton Golden-Kare proud to introduce this Scald Prevention Product!

"The Best Burn Care is Prevention"

Kids Love Careful Parents!

The Bath Bear Thermometer makes bath time fun, safe, and gently warm for babies,
toddlers and small children.

Newborns receive a free bath thermometer upon leaving Cape Breton hospitals.

The public can purchase one by contacting the Cape Breton Burn Care Society at (902)562-4156


Before placing child in bath water, adjust the water temperature with your hand. Then check the water temperature with this thermometer. LOOK FOR THE OK INDICATOR TO BE LIGHT GREEN. Use the thermometer to stir the water. If the HOT indicator is lighted, or if the OK indicator is blue-green or blue, add cool water so that the OK indicator becomes light green. The COOL indicator will be dark blue. If no indicator is lighted, water is too hot or too cool. Check with hand. Always read the highest lighted indicator. After use, shake dry and place in envelope for next use.


Hot Water Is The Worst Burn Hazard In Your Home!
Scalding causes most burns to children. Even tap water can cause third degree burns.
Hot water can inflict burns as serious as any flame burns.
Serious hot water burns only take 2-3 seconds.
REMEMBER: A child's skin is much thinner than an adult's.

Although manufacturers have set your hot water heater to around 170-180 degrees, the water temperature should be set to 130 degrees or less. CAUTION: The water temperature should be below 105 degrees F. for a child's bath! Microwaves can cause water to get dangerously hot.


Remove the heat source.

Flush the burned area with cool water for 10-15 minutes. Even after the heat source is removed, a burn continues to damage the skin unless cool water is applied. If water is not available, any cool liquid will have the same effect.

Cover the burned area with a sterile pad or clean sheet to maintain body temperature.

Call for medical assistance immediately.

Never apply salves, oils, butter or sprays. These only cause a burn injury to worsen.


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