Atlantic Burn Camp
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Our History

The Cape Breton Firefighters Burn Care Society is a registered charitable non-profit organization.

CRA Charitable Organization Registration #: 89083-2199 RR0001

We provide funds for:

The Bath Bear program for infants, young children and others needing to measure bath water temperature. This program is jointly funded with the Sydney Kiwanis.
Educational and awareness programs.
Special care requirements for the needs of Cape Breton burn patients.
Assist burn survivors and their families with burn care costs, including garments and possibly transportation costs to burn care centres, if required.
Special requests from the burn treatment centres at the Izaak Walter Killam Children's Hospital and the QEII Hospital for Cape Breton residents.
Assist the two burn treatment centres with the purchase of equipment, training and programs to enhance the level of burn care.
To assist Cape Breton hospitals to enable a higher level of burn care.
Regional tissue bank.
Purchasing of books, videos and pamphlets for public use.
Offer programs for burn survivors such as the Atlantic Burn Camp, Atlantic Canada's camp for burn injured children since 1998.

We conduct fundraising by means of:

Annual fundraisers, where funds are raised through pledges and ticket sales
Community and Business sponsored events such as car washes, barbeques, charity dances, golf tournaments, hockey games, etc.
Obtaining donations of labour and goods from corporations.
Accepting donations from individuals.
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